ARC Meetings

The Committee meets the last Tuesday of the month at 4pm. Meetings are usually held at the Old Town Hall. Submittals are due at least 10 days prior to the meeting. All meetings are open to the public. Prior to hearing an application the Committee will independently conduct a site visit so they are familiar with the existing conditions. The first portion of the meeting is setup as a work session and is intended for dialog between the committee and the applicant. The applicant should make a short presentation discussing the proposed structure, parking, lighting, signage, landscaping and any challenges with the site design. There will be an opportunity to ask and answer questions and to make design suggestions if necessary. Some of the review will take into account how the structure fits into the existing fabric of the Village and how it strengthens walkable connections. The second portion of the meeting will be a ‘closed’ work session (still open to the public) for the ARC to discuss the application without public or applicant input. 

Where possible, the ARC will draft a recommendation that evening to the Planning and Zoning Commission. In some cases, the revisions may require a second meeting and review. The ARC aims to work with the applicant and propose viable solutions to be able to provide a favorable recommendation, even if it takes several meetings. In cases where the applicant does not seek to make the recommended changes, they may proceed to PZC with an unfavorable recommendation from ARC, however this is discouraged. 

Once a recommendation is issued by ARC the applicant may proceed to PZC for site plan and or special permit approval. Please note that the demolition of any structure in the Village requires a special permit. PZC typically meets the first and third Thursday of the month. Applications, plans and fees are due 15 days prior to the meeting in order to meet the timelines for a legal notice. Applicants should work with the Town Planner to establish timelines and submittals to ARC and PZC.