Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements:  Five (5) sets of site plans with elevations and a cover letter addressed to Liz Glidden, Town Planner, 30 Field Park Drive, Haddam, CT  06438

Cover Letter: Please identify the existing uses and proposed uses, the square footage of new additions and a general description of the project. If demolition is proposed please indicate the reason that demolition is sought. If the project will be completed in phases please outline a rough time line sequencing the project timeline. Indicate whether any modifications will be needed per Section 7A. 8 of the Zoning Regulations such as height, setback distance or density. The cover letter should be addressed to Joseph Bergin, Chair of ARC and should be no longer than two pages. This letter should also include the name, phone number and email of the principal lead on the project. 

Plans: 5 sets of full size plans. And 5 sets of 11 x 17 floor plans. The plan set should include a site plan that includes all structures, landscaping, walkways, fencing, well and septic location and parking. 

Elevation drawings of existing conditions and proposed improvements of the facades visible to the public. Elevation drawings should include the materials used, building height, landscaping, pedestrian access, fencing, lighting and signage. Color drawings for the proposed changes are appreciated. Photos are not required but are a useful visual aid.