Haddam Park & Recreation Commission

Regular Meeting
Event Date: 
Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Regular Meeting
Thursday, April 13, 2017 
7:30 pm
Town Office Building Annex

1.    Call to Order
2.    Officers’ Election - revisited
3.    Approval of Minutes of the March 9, 2017 Meeting
4.    General Review of current budget financial reports (through 03/2017)
5.    Old Business
       a.    Any New information re: Family Fun Night September 2017 - Ongoing Plan 
       b.    Maintenance Needs at Facilities
              i.    Status of planned general repairs
       c.    Playground Updates – Scheduled Inspection date
       d.    Playing Fields Properties Updates
             i.    Further Discussion/Any New Information re plans discussed at the March Meeting: a) Brickyard Driveway              repair, b) needed Great Hill Cistern work, c) Brickyard Irrigation System, and d) creation of both a Hiking Trail              a cross from Great Hill and Walking Path at Great Hill
             ii.    Basketball Court plans – Commissioner Sledzik
      e.    Any other old business
6.    New Business
      a.    Discussion of the Commission Sites Walk-Around scheduled for March 25, 2017
      b.    Discussion of opening gates at the fields for the season (scheduled for April 1, 2017, contingent upon finding no safety issues during the site walk)
      c.    Any Further Planning for Games Opening Weekend (April 22-23, 2017)
      d.    Any other new business
7.    Correspondence
8.    Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,
David Fleig