Eversource 2020 Vegetation Management Plans


Each January, Eversource is required to provide detailed plans indicating the areas where distribution line vegetation management will occur. I am enclosing the map recently sent to your tree warden that highlights the roads in your town where Eversource roadside tree work is expected to occur in 2020 (approximately 15 miles in Haddam, all on the east side of the River, although some mid-cycle tree removals will occur that are not shown on this map).  Some of this work may already be underway or will occur later this year. 

This year, we expect to invest over $83 million in tree work around the state as part of the company’s comprehensive distribution line vegetation management plan.   Eversource’s team of licensed arborists will work together with your tree warden in advance of the work performed by our qualified contractors. 

We also know that the large number of dead and diseased trees are top of mind.  The impact in CT has been significant and Eversource continues to work with municipal leaders, property owners, and the State of CT to address the magnitude of trees affected by disease and invasive insects.  Our focus continues to be trees that pose a potential threat to the electric system, especially those that affect large numbers of customers.  I have enclosed a flyer to help to answer questions you may have or receive on this topic.