Resident bitten by a woodchuck


The Haddam Resident Troopers Office in conjunction with Haddam Animal Control report a woman was bitten by a woodchuck on Candlewood Hill Road on June 18th.  The Haddam ACO transported the woodchuck to the state virology lab for rabies testing.  On June 19th, the lab confirmed the  woodchuck tested positive for rabies.  The parties involved sought treatment and are receiving post exposure rabies vaccines.

The Resident Troopers Office and Haddam Animal Control stress the importance of vaccinating your pets against rabies to protect them and your family from this fatal virus.  Other ways residents can minimize their risk of exposure is never approach a wild or stray animals.  Supervise your pets when outside and discourage contact between pets and wildlife.

Report any animal you feel may be rabid to the Resident Troopers Office @ (860)345-2769 or Haddam Animal Control at (860)682-2710. 

Symptoms of rabies include unprovoked aggression, impaired movement, difficulty walking and lack of fear towards people.