Vaccines are here!


Vaccines are here! This week the CT River Area Health District offered a drive-through clinic to vaccinate medical first responders in the health district. That’s me at the clinic. (To be clear, I’m the one in the car. My nails don’t look that good!) The clinic was at the Old Saybrook Middle School. They’re using the Moderna vaccine. I’ll have to go back for my second shot at the end of January. The shot didn’t hurt although that might have been due to the numbing effects of the cold air on my arm. It’s been five hours since I was vaccinated. I haven’t any side effects. About 260 responders were vaccinated before I was. None of them reported any side effects either. The vaccines offer us a path back to a more normal life. I encourage you to get vaccinated if you’re able to. 

Robert McGarry, 

First Selectman