Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda 1/18/18

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 7:00pm

Town of Haddam
Planning and Zoning Commission
Notice of Public Meeting
Haddam Town Hall
21 Field Park Drive, Haddam, CT
Thursday,  January 18, 2018


1. Call to Order
2. Attendance/Seating of the Alternates
3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda
4. Public Comments
5. Public Hearing and Public Meeting:    An amendment to the Haddam Zoning Regulations to add a new Section 1.3 for a moratorium on commercial building in the Commercial C-1 District for areas that are also located in the Gateway Conservation Zone.

1.3          Moratorium on Commercial Buildings: Commencing on the effective date of this Section 1.3, and continuing for one hundred eighty (180) days thereafter, the Commission shall not approve any application for a new building or building addition larger than 1000 square feet for any property that is located in both the Commercial C-1 District and the Gateway Conservation Zone. 

6.  Approval/Correction of the Minutes
7. Chairman’s Report
8. Scheduling of Hearings:  85 Bridge Road, site plan review for 9,100 s.f. retail building submitted by MCG, LLC
9. Town Planner’s Report:
10. Adjournment

Cc: PZC, ZBA, IWC, ARC, CC Members, Board of Selectmen, Liz Glidden, Town Planner, Jim Puska, Zoning and Wetlands Officer, Applicants