PROJECT DESCRIPTION - Project No. 0060-0160 - F.A.P No. 0082(126)
Modern Roundabouts at Route 82 and Route 154
Town of Haddam


This project is located in the Town of Haddam at the northern and southern intersections of Route 82 and Route 154 and includes the overlapping section of Route 82 and 154 between these two intersections. The northern intersection of Route 82 (Bridge Road) and Route 154 (Saybrook Road) is located at mile points 3.12 and 19.47 respectively. The southern intersection of Route 82 (Route 9 Connector) and Route 154 (Saybrook Road) is located at mile points 2.75 and 19.11 respectively. Route 82, through the project limits, is a primary route for vehicles traveling from Route 9 to cross the Connecticut River into East Haddam via the East Haddam Swing Bridge.

On June 8, 2021, there was a Public Information Hearing. To view the recording of the Public Hearing click here: 
OR you can read the minutes by clicking here: June 8, 2021 DOT Public Information Meeting Minutes.

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