Procedure to obtain a Burning Permit in the Town of Haddam

  1. Please note burning is limited to brush only and to homeowners on their own property. No construction materials, garbage or stumps can be burned. Contractors cannot burn on construction sites.
  2. At least 7 days in advance, call the Fire Marshal's Office at 860-345-8531, Ext 220. Please leave a message with your name, address, and phone numbers to contact you.
  3. A certified Open Burning Official will contact you to discuss your request and inspect the area and brush piles to be burned. The Open Burning Official can approve, deny or specify conditions. The Burning Permit is good for the dates indicated on the permit, usually 7-15 days. The permit can be extended, depending on weather conditions.
  4. Prior to burning, you must refer to the State of Connecticut, DEEP website for the daily Forest Fire Danger
  5. You may burn only days that the report is Low or Moderate. You may not burn on days when the Forest Fire Danger is High or greater.
  6. Prior to burning, you must refer to the State of Connecticut DEEP website for Air Quality Index. You may burn on days only when the Index is listed is Good or Moderate. You may not burn on days when the Index is Unhealthy or greater.
  7. Burning is allowed only between 10 AM and 4 PM. The wind speed may not exceed 15 mph.
  8. Once all permit conditions are met and you decide to burn, call Valley Shore Emergency Communications Center at (860)399-7921. Tell the dispatcher that you have a Burning Permit in Haddam and the location. You must call prior to and after burning. The Dispatcher will also confirm the Fire Danger.
  9. I highly recommend that you notify neighbors when you are burning. If neighbors call to complain that the smoke is a nuisance, the Burning Permit will be revoked by any State Police Trooper or Haddam Fire Officer.
  10. The property owner assumes all responsibility for compliance with these requirements and also for any damage caused by smoke or fire.