Before Paying Online

Please take notice.

The Town Office Building is open by appointment only. The Tax Office is not open regular hours until further notice. Please plan accordingly if you need a clearance. I can not access the DMV website from home.

  • A service fee of 2.95%, of the total bill, is added for the use of a credit or debit card. This fee applies for online and in the office payments.  We do not take payments over the phone.
  • A service fee of $1.50 is added for an EFT.
  • All current bills are blocked from being paid online if you have past years bills due. If you are paying outstanding bills please call us. We can unblock bills but we do need to do this manually and it does take an overnight to update the software. 
  • If you are paying delinquent bills and need a clearance for DMV, call the Tax Office for a release after the payment has been made. We can release you over the phone. 
  • Any payment made online may not reflect for a few days. You will receive an email with a confirmation number for all online payments.
  • If an adjustment is made to a bill it will not reflect until the following morning.
  • If you have questions on a payment please contact us immediately.

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