Swing Bridge Project

Connecting the Haddams:

Swing Bridge Reconstruction Project

July, 2018 




Please Follow this video link to watch a short video on this project: http://www.esenetworks.com/player.aspx?id=51988&content-id=186614


Wecome to the website for the Haddam and East Haddam Swing Bridge Walkway Project. CT DOT intends to reconstruct the historic bridge in 2020.  We are seeking a $18,280,000 grant to connect these two villages with a walkway across the bridge that will be constructued during the 2020 reconstruction. If awarded, this grant will link many of the area attractions including:

Essex Steam Train
Goodspeed Opera House
Goodspeed Airport
Andrews Marina
River Quest
The River House
Goodspeed Station
Nathan Hale School
Gillette Castle
The Lady Katherine Cruises


List of Exhibits 

Exhibit 1: Rural Designation Map

Exhibit 2: DOT PUBLIC MEETING, October 2, 2017 presentation and meeting notes

Exhibit 3: 2016 Sidewalk Feasiblity for Bridge No. 01138 CT DOT

Exhibit 4: CME Engineering Rehabilitation Study and Report

Exhibit 5: CME Engineering Construction Cost for walkway 2018

Exhibit 6:  Cost Estimate for Approach on Western Side of Bridge (Haddam)

Exhibit 7: Cost Estimate for Approach on Eastern approach in East Haddam

Exhibit 8: 1997 ISTEA Grant Application for Swing Bridge Sidewalk

Exhibit 9: October 1999 Study Lichtenstein and Associates

Exhibit 10: Sections of the East Haddam Plan of Conservation and Development

Exhibit 11: Sections of the Haddam Plan of Conservation and Development

Exhibit 12: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 13: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 14: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 15: CT Bike and Pedestrian Plan 

Exhibit 16: East Haddam Revitalization Design 

Exhibit 17: Music on the River Brochures

Exhibit 18: Eagle Landing State Park Brochure

Exhibit 19: Haddam Transportation Alternatives Sidewalk Concept Drawings for Bridge Road

Exhibit 20: CT DEEP Consent Order for Public Water 2017

Exhibit 21: 2004 Mobility Improvement Study East Haddam 

Exhibit 22: ConnDOt Letter to US Coast Gaurd dated October 16, 2017

Exhibit 23: CT SHPO No Adverse Effect Swing Bridge Walkway 

Exhibit 24: CT Department of Energy and the Environment letter dated January 26, 2016

Exhibit 25: Natural Diversity Data Base Preliminary Assessment; January 2016

Exhibit 26: Conn DOT memo dated May 31 2017

Exhibit 27:  Town Hall Meeting with East Haddam, July 13, 2017 as part of the NEPA process

Exhibit 28: Video of project  http://www.esenetworks.com/player.aspx?id=51988&content-id=186614

Exhibit 29 Narrative Cost Benefit Analysis by ESI Solutions Inc. 

Exhibit 30: ESI solutions cost sheet

Copy of Grant Application



Letters of Support 


Our Youth Support a Walkway Across the Bridge! 

 Swing Bridge drawings done by East Haddam Elementary School students