Swing Bridge Project

Connecting the Haddams:

Swing Bridge Reconstruction Project

May 2020

Swing Bridge

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Connecting the Haddams - A Swing Bridge Walkway

Welcome to the website for the Haddam and East Haddam Swing Bridge Walkway Project. CT DOT intends to begin reconstructing the historic bridge in 2021.  We are seeking a $9,400,122 grant to connect these two villages with a walkway across the bridge that will be constructed during the 2021- 2024 reconstruction. If awarded, this grant will link many of the area attractions including:

Essex Steam Train
Goodspeed Opera House
Goodspeed Airport
Andrews Marina
River Quest
The River House
Goodspeed Station
Nathan Hale School
Gillette Castle
The Lady Katherine Cruises


List of Exhibits 

Exhibit 1: Rural Designation Map

Exhibit 2: DOT PUBLIC MEETING, October 2, 2017 presentation and meeting notes

Exhibit 3: 2016 Sidewalk Feasibility for Bridge No. 01138 CT DOT

Exhibit 4: CME Engineering Rehabilitation Study and Report

Exhibit 5: CME Engineering Construction Cost for walkway 2018

Exhibit 6A:  Cost Estimate for Approach on Western Side of Bridge (Haddam)

Exhibit 6B: Narrative - Approach on Western Side of Bridge (Haddam)

Exhibit 7: Cost Estimate for Approach on Eastern approach in East Haddam

Exhibit 8: 1997 ISTEA Grant Application for Swing Bridge Sidewalk

Exhibit 9: October 1999 Study Lichtenstein and Associates

Exhibit 10: Sections of the East Haddam Plan of Conservation and Development

Exhibit 11: Sections of the Haddam Plan of Conservation and Development

Exhibit 12: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 13: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 14: SF424c Forms

Exhibit 15: CT Bike and Pedestrian Plan 

Exhibit 16: East Haddam Revitalization Design 

Exhibit 17: Music on the River Brochures

Exhibit 18: Eagle Landing State Park Brochure

Exhibit 19: Haddam Transportation Alternatives Sidewalk Concept Drawings for Bridge Road

Exhibit 20: CT DEEP Consent Order for Public Water 2017

Exhibit 21: 2004 Mobility Improvement Study East Haddam 

Exhibit 22: ConnDOt Letter to US Coast Gaurd dated October 16, 2017

Exhibit 23: CT SHPO No Adverse Effect Swing Bridge Walkway 

Exhibit 24: CT Department of Energy and the Environment letter dated January 26, 2016

Exhibit 25: Natural Diversity Data Base Preliminary Assessment; January 2016

Exhibit 26: Conn DOT memo dated May 31, 2017

Exhibit 27:  Town Hall Meeting with East Haddam, July 13, 2017, as part of the NEPA process

Exhibit 28: Video of project  http://www.esenetworks.com/player.aspx?id=51988&content-id=186614

Exhibit 29 Narrative Cost-Benefit Analysis by ESI Solutions Inc. 

Exhibit 30: ESI solutions cost sheet

Copy of Grant Application

Build Information Form

2020 BUILD

SF424 Form – Total Cost

Letters of Support 


Our Youth Support a Walkway Across the Bridge! 

 Swing Bridge drawings were done by East Haddam Elementary School students