Swing Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Haddam/East Haddam Swing Bridge


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East Haddam Swing Bridge Project Weekly Update: Construction Activities - Week of September 26, 2022

The Connecticut Department of Transportation advises the following construction activities for the upcoming week: 



Crews will continue working on driveway realignment and staging for installation of a new retaining
wall on the east side of Route 82 (Haddam side).


Crews will be troubleshooting and repairing the recent mechanical breakdown of the swing


No anticipated night activities.

Vehicle/Marine Impacts:

No anticipated lane closures this week.

Until  further notice, the bridge will not open to marine traffic due to the mechanical issues occurring with the swing span of the bridge.

Please be advised:

Weekend work is not anticipated.

Signs will be posted to help guide the public.

Access to local businesses and residents within the work zones will be maintained.

Unforeseen circumstances have the potential to impact all scheduled construction activities.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is working to inform residents of current and upcoming construction activities through announcements such as this, as well as the project website. For more information, visit https://easthaddamswingbridgeproject.com/

If you have any questions related to construction, please send an e-mail to dotproject40-141@ct.gov

Swing Bridge Project - Traffic Impact

Updated: August 11, 2022

While a full project schedule is still being developed, DOT has released a Traffic Impact Summary with preliminary information on the 63-hour full bridge closures and alternating 1 lane traffic periods planned for next year. The contractor, American Bridge Company, is establishing their staging areas and expects to begin work on the Haddam approaches to the bridge later this summer or early this fall.

Click here to see the Swing Bridge Preconstruction Slide Show (June 2022)

Updated: April 4, 2022

Starting in the Summer of 2022 and continuing into the Fall of 2024 Connecticut DOT will be making major repairs/upgrades to the swing bridge. The project includes rehabilitation of the structural, mechanical, and electrical components of the bridge. Additionally, a sidewalk will be added to the south side of the bridge connecting to sidewalks in Haddam and East Haddam. A more detailed description of the work is in the DOT project description.

As you can imagine, the project will have a major impact on traffic between East Haddam and Haddam. As currently planned by DOT, there will be up to 25 weeks where the bridge is closed to all traffic from 8:00 p.m. Sunday until 11:00 a.m. Wednesday. (DOT is offering a significant bonus to the contractor to reduce the number and impact of closure weeks. DOT will pay the contractor $250,000 for each week not used, up to 5. They’ll also pay a bonus for any weeks moved into the winter months.) There will be 23 weeks when only one lane is open for alternating traffic. There will also be significant impacts on vessel traffic. DOT will provide at least 14 days' notice of proposed closures on their project website.

Bids for the project were opened on March 30th. DOT anticipates issuing the selected contractor a Notice to Proceed by the end of June. DOT intends to hold another public meeting to discuss the project once they receive a construction schedule from the contractor.

The DOT established a project website for the Swing Bridge Rehabilitation. https://www.easthaddamswingbridgeproject.com/

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