Board of Finance

The Board of Finance has the following responsibilities according to the Town Charter (Section 9-2):

  • Review and approval of the annual budget, including the capital budget
  • Management and monitoring of the current budget
  • Long range capital planning in conjunction with the Long Range Capital Planning Committee

The Board of Finance is also responsible to appoint an audit firm to audit the Town’s financial statements.

The Board participates in the audit process in as follows:

  • Participation in the audit planning meeting with management and the auditors
  • Review of draft of the audit reports
  • Review of the final audit reports with the auditors

The Board of Finance is also responsible for the preparation of the Annual report.

Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Centofanti Chairman
Harlan Fredericksen Vice - Chairman
Christopher Alexy
David Kapitulik
Cheryl Haase Secretary
Mark Lundgren
Joanne Nesti Alternate
Robert McGarry Alternate
David Challenger Alternate
Barbara J. Bertrand